Contacting fellow breeders in your Region for a recommendation is probably the best way to locate a shearer.
Arrange well ahead of time as the shearers are booked out quickly.

Plan to have booked your shearer by the end of July.

Shearer Directory

Andrew Chapman

Salter Springs
Ph: 08 8528 6165

Brian & Kay Gursansky

Ph: 08 8524 9093

Brad Ramm
Ph: 0427 564 718
Shears most areas, sheep as well.
Frank Jacobs & Ruth Richmond

Mount Barker
Ph: 08 8536 4819
M: 0400 406 636

James Wheeler
Ph: 0403 972 609
Kob Schmaal

No herd too big, or too small. Will travel where needed.
Ph: 0438 755 329

Matt Williams

Ph: 0417 600 640

Rob Phillips
Ph: 08 8572 3023
Damian Pawlack


Ph: 0405 298 882

Shears most areas.

Jake Gilbertson

Shears Victor to Virginia, and Murraylands. Will shear small numbers of sheep as well.

Ph: 0427 046 388


Jolyon Porter


Shearing in the Central Adelaide Hills and environs. Also Mount Gambier area around December.

Ph: 0407 602 039


Greg Toholke

SA and  cover Mid north, Yorke Peninsula, Adelaide Plains, Barossa, Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, Bordertown  and beyond. Fully self sufficient, shear on a table, have rousey, generator and full plant. Specialize in  small mobs 1 to 30 or so. Don’t shear goats or sheep, but can do llamas. Extras include toenails, teeth, vacs. Mobile or text: 0429 842 388. Email:

Guidelines for Shearing Shed Set-up and Fleece Preparation